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  • Find your previously infected characters in the world – Great use of the Wii U
  • Often tedious quests – Boring exploration

ZombiU (Zombi on non Wii U platforms) brings the zombie genre onto Nintendo’s platform with an amazing and horrifying experience that shows off some unique mechanics and potential of the Wii U.


ZombiU takes place in London with a focus on the underground which creates an amazingly dark atmosphere as you adventure through the system of tunnels and the streets of London. The game is set well into the zombie outbreak with players being directed to the bunker of a Prepper who long prepared for the outbreak. From here players follow through a series of missions from a number of different NPCs to ensure their survival.

The game uses a unique mechanic where once the player becomes infected by the outbreak they respawn as a different survivor to continue their adventure. Characters can be both male and female with different voice actors for each. Character models are also quite varied so you really do feel like you are playing a different survivor each time.

Once you become infected players lose all the items they had been carrying on them at the time but if they return to the spot that they became infected they will have the opportunity to kill their previous character and reclaim their inventory. If players use Miiverse they can even encounter friends or leave clues for them.


While the game plays in a first person perspective ZombiU relies on the Wii U for much of the inventory and map management (making great use of the hardware). Weapons available to the player are mostly melee based although weapons and ammunition can occasionally be looted. ZombiU definitely requires players to think carefully as going toe to toe with more than one or two zombies often ends in your death.

As far a Zombie games go ZombiU is definitely one of the better offerings in the genre and the ability to find (and kill) your own previously infected characters never gets old.


  • Zombie game for the Wii U platform and later released for other major platforms.
  • Focus on survival rather than zombie killing.
  • Lots of melee combat with scarce ammunition.
  • Find your previous characters and reclaim your inventory after infection
  • Uses the Wii U hardware perfectly.



Review Platform: Wii U

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