Zookeeper Battle

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  • Competitive – Fun and cute – Unique use of a three match puzzle game
  • Always online, can't practice offline

Zookeeper Battle blends elements from several genres together to create a cute, competitive and highly addicting puzzle game. The core gameplay involves a match three puzzle game (similar to Candy Crush) where players match animal symbols together.


At the start of your Zookeeper Battle experience you’ll get to select your own adorable animal to be your avatar. Options include a monkey, panda, giraffe, hippopotamus, lion, rabbit, elephant and crocodile which all have a cute blocky art style. Players will also have to select a unique name as the game is a competitive focused experience, this name will be seen when you connect with others and also on the ranking boards.

Once you’ve set your name you’ll be treated to a great tutorial that introduces you to the concepts of the game which are very easy to learn but still manage to be very enjoyable time and time again.

In each game match players will be presented with a game board filled with blocky animals (the same animals mentioned as avatar options previously). Your goal is to match three or more of these animals together in either a vertical or horizontal line which will wipe them off the game board and give you an appropriate number of points.

Simple enough so far right? Now comes the tricky part. By matching monkey, panda, giraffe, crocodile or lion symbols players will generate attack points. While hippopotamus and elephant matches will generate defend points. Each game will also have a ‘lucky animal’ which shows at the bottom of the screen that will reward both types of points. Players can also use a number of different power ups to give them an edge.


At the end of each game a players attack and defence points will be compared to your opponents with the person dealing the most damage labelled the winner. This creates an interesting extra layer of strategy as you try to balance building up enough defence to counter your opponents attack points while also generating enough attack to get past their defences.

To keep you playing and pushing yourself to the next level Zookeeper Battle keeps track of countless stats and also ranks you against all the players in the world. Considering you’ll start with a rank well into the millions you’ve got a lot of work to do!


  • Unique use of a match three puzzle game.
  • Cute characters, menus and overall atmosphere.
  • The lucky animal and attack/defence points force you to think more strategically.
  • Ranking system encourages you to reach the top.
  • Easy to learn but hard to master.



Review Platform: iOS

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