Star Stable

  • Unique horse filled adventure filled with an impressive amount of content (horse breeds, competitions, island areas)
  • Massive community of horse fans together in one place makes it easy to meet friends with shared interests
  • Free restrictions (free up to level 5 amongst other limits) means a Star Rider membership is required for the full experience
  • Graphics feel dated and come just short of bringing your virtual horses to life

Star Stable is the pinnacle of the horse video game genre establishing itself as a leader in the virtual horse market and attracting hundreds of thousands of gamers that all have a love of horses in common. Designed as a MMO like experience Star Stable enables horse fans to explore a beautiful island while meeting and communicating with other players from across the world that share an appreciate for horses.


Star Stable boasts millions of accounts which continue to steadily grow each day as players are attracted to it’s horse focused adventure. Important to note though that Star Stable is only free up to a certain point (level 5) and does come with a few other small restrictions until players upgrade to a Star Rider, the premium account of Star Stable. Uniquely Star Rider includes a Pay-Once option that provides permanent upgraded status alongside more regular subscriptions which all come with a one time boost of Star Coins and an ongoing allowance of the in game currency.

The Star Stable membership also allows you to adventure past the free game areas of Jorvik and unlock exclusive horse breeds. In terms of cost it’s similar to similar online games and reasonably priced for the amount of additional content over the free to play variant which is really just designed to offer a small taste of Star Stable. receive a regular allowance of star coins (in game currency), unlock exclusive breeds and much more making it well worth the expense which is in line with similar online games.


On the back of your very own Star Stable horse players will get to explore Jorvik, an island paradise with many NPCs and varied location biomes spread across the island. Star Stable lets you travel alone or join up with friends as you explore, compete, care and even solve a mysterious story that is completed across thousands of quests. The game also thrives heavily on competition with players competing in various races and horse competitions for the best results with associated rankings and bragging rights to other players.

Star Stable leaves plenty of decisions in your hands, from the breed of horse to the items you’ll find and purchase throughout the game players have all sorts of customisation at their disposal.  All of this is designed to ensure that your horse truly feels like your own helping to create that connection with your horse and ultimately giving you a unique look compared to other players and their horses. For those that find it difficult to commit to a single horse players are able to have multiple horses in Star Stable and switch between them as desired.


Star Stable is a standout horse MMO experience making it one of the few games to offer an animal based adventure of this quality. Unfortunately though this comes with the trade off that you’ll definitely need a Star Rider membership  to get the full experience as the free gameplay elemenets can become limiting quickly.


  • A horse based MMO that lets players ride their horse across the island paradise of Jorvik.
  • Customise your horse and rider to be distinct from other players with various items.
  • Own and care for multiple horses of various breeds, no need to settle with one.
  • Enter horse competitions, solve a mysterious story, accept quests or simply explore the island with friends.
  • Upgrade to a Star Rider for many in game benefits including the ability to go beyond level 5, unlock more game zones and receive a regular allowance of Star Coins.



Review Platform: PC

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  1. It’s only Free till level 5.


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