My Free Farm

  • Unique side activities build out the game world to be about more than just farm management and create a sense of realistic world while providing additional varied content
  • UI elements and controls could be better and make it difficult to achieve your farming vision or easily access information
  • Clear imbalances between paid and free players may create some resentment

My Free Farm is one of Upjer’s popular tycoon and simulation games and takes the core mechanics from their other titles while adjusting it for a farm based theme. As a result My Free Farm is easy to get into and promises plenty of farm themed content as you gain levels, grow your farm and attract customers to create a profitable crop growing empire.


My Free Farm has good appeal to both newcomers to this genre and long-time fans thanks to its simple design and good tutorial which is also paired with plenty of freedom as the game slowly opens up the wealth of content to players. My Free Farm achieves this by slowly unlocking new elements of the game with each new level to keep you from being overrun with options right from the start but balances it out nicely with an ample number of unlocks across buildings, animals and crops.

At the core of gameplay in My Free Farm players will be focused on operating their own farm with the ultimate goal to complete quests and fill visitor orders which reward healthy amounts of experience and funds for future expansion. Using these quest rewards and profits from trading you’ll be able to expand your farm further in an endless cycle that fans of games like Hay Day will be familiar with. With the aforementioned highly optimised unlocks this loop is definitely enjoyable and you won’t go long periods without a major unlock or new feature.


In addition to the core money makers of planting crops, raising animals and even harvesting flowers players will also have control over the buildings that make up their farm which provides sense of farming progression while also allowing you to tier up your scale of production.

For example these buildings often unlock new opportunities to refine and manufacture different items from the raw base materials that you obtain from your farm to increase their worth when sold. Some of these buildings though simple provide alternative mechanics such as the monster fruit farm, animal nursery or butterfly house that serve as completely new revenue sources.


With the dozens of different crops available paired with a similar number of buildings deciding the early direction of your game is quite the management challenge and gives your decisions ample weight as they definitely impact on where you’ll place your early game focus. Towards the mid and even late game levels of My Free Farm though you’ll have most options available to you which is vital in finishing the over 1,500 game quests.

Outside of the core farm management My Free Farm ensures a large number of side activities including guilds, collectibles, decorations and towns with NPCs for trading. My Free Farm also offers a healthy number of in game events with challenging and sometimes even out of this world mechanics (such as an Alien Invasion event) to appropriately reward it’s active playerbase.


  • Create your own unique farm with animals, crops, flowers and buildings.
  • Accept orders for your produce or trade on the open market to make a profit.
  • Lots of freedom to create and design your farm world the way that you want.
  • Free to play farming simulation adventure with ample side content.
  • Track down all the in game collectibles as you complete over 1,500 in game quests.



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