• Beautiful visual and audio design as you adventure across different island environments
  • Multiple game mechanics in addition to the core clicking gameplay which expand with new island unlocks for gameplay variety
  • Some lumpy pacing as you make your progression between islands that can feel like you've taken too far a step backwards
  • Sleep and hunger mechanic doesn't quite fit into the game and feels like unnecessary management (can be disabled)

Outpath offers players a simple and satisfying cycle of harvesting resources from the environment and turning them into useful tools and structures to unlock new mechanics or improve efficiency across beautiful game islands. Supported with an equally beautiful game soundtrack Outpath is a relaxing title of resource collection and clicking for Windows gamers. Serving as the full game experience to the free to play Outpath: First Journey players will be able to explore all of the available game islands that each present a new resource cycle to master.


Starting from simple Outpath spawns players into a colourful island world where everything can be destroyed with multiple clicks of your mouse on the target resource (optionally hold down mouse instead) that kicks off a cycle of upgrades. While you’ll be surrounded with stone, coal, copper, trees, bushes and berries your attention will be drawn to the monolith in the centre of this island which features four smaller pillars alongside the large primary pillar. The monoliths are just one of the many recurring mechanics of Outpath that continue to push players to new heights of optimisation and gives purpose to your endless harvesting clicks and resource explosions.

From this monolith players will expand their immediate island area by depositing experience which is generated for each destroyed resource hub or for sacrificing island specific resources at the smaller pillars for an influx of experience. In time unlocking each of these smaller pillars also unlocks a new adjacent island location that introduces entirely new resources or mechanics for players to repeat the cycle that gives players larger goals to focus their resource collection.


Collecting these resources is as simple as a click or a hold on the target resource with players able to optimise the time taken with tools or special food. Some mechanics are not entirely click based either with bug catching, fishing and the various neutral animals allowing for different interactions. While not in the relaxing game mode option players will also be lightly limited by food and sleep which are needs that are relatively easy to meet and not overly restrictive to player progression.

Resources in Outpath aren’t just limited to chopping down trees, mining ores and digging up sand though with an advanced technology tree where you’ll combine these basics into higher tier material types. From the simple workbench that turns stone into flint to the spinning wheel that turns fibres into thread players will be able to construct these key construction buildings on their island and queue up these actions while you run off to harvest additional resources. In time players will also unlock opportunities to build increasingly advanced structures and even automate some of the basic early island tasks.


The heart of this upgrade cycle is the research table where you’ll invest the important experience currency into unlocking new structures and in turn new crafting recipes that bring efficiency or entirely new mechanics. Early on this might be upgrading your resources from copper to iron tools, unlocking special items to increase your item pickup range or crafting speed and other useful utility that rewards players who carefully explore what each of these research paths have to offer.

It’s the small touches that really take Outpath from relaxing resource harvesting title to enjoyable adventure with shiny resources spawning from time to time that will catch your eye for bonus resources for additional clicks. With each island unlock players will also encounter skill books that are satisfying to find as they add another layer of increased efficiency through extra resources, speed or respawn of nodes and prepare players for the incremental challenges of Outpath.


  • Progress through different island biomes as you master the new mechanics of each island.
  • Click to harvest the environment as you progress slowly to automated resource acquisition.
  • Acquire different skills from each island to optimise your progression with new utility.
  • Craft new tools to fish, catch bugs or improve your ability to harvest the basic resources.
  • Builds further on the free to play prologue version (Outpath: First Journey).



Review Platform: PC

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