Tarkov Scav Case Loot Table – Is The Best Option Worth It?

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The Scav Case is a valuable Tarkov hideout upgrade for extra loot or rare quest items. With multiple options with different loot tables and return times it can be difficult to determine the best option and if the large initial construction investment is worth it. In this guide to the Scav Case I draw on my own experiences acquired across EFT game wipes and the community data to give you confidence in the best option for you.

I recommend regular Tarkov players construct the Scav Case as you will be able to generate millions of Roubles with consistent use and the best Scav Case option is Moonshine if you can afford the expense otherwise using the highest Rouble option you can afford will give the best returns. Below I have included a summary of the respective loot tables, the considerations when choosing which Scav Case option to use and a large number of community resources for data focused EFT players.

Table of Contents:
Scav Case Loot Table Overview
Best Scav Case Option
Moonshine Scav Case
Intelligence Folder Scav Case
95k Rouble Scav Case
15k Rouble Scav Case
2.5k Rouble Scav Case
Community Scav Case Data Resources


Scav Case Loot Table Overview

The table below summarises each Scav Case option, the base return time, a summary of the loot table and when I recommend players use each option. With the introduction of the Scav Karma system the base return times will decrease as you improve your Fence Reputation for even greater returns and as all items from the Scav Case have found in raid (FIR) status they can be sold on the Flea Market or used for the various EFT trader quests.

An important note when considering the profitability of the Scav Case is that while community data regularly shows it is profitable over the long term if used consistently this will be impacted by the time of wipe as this influences the cost of items (Moonshine or Intelligence Folder) and the sale price of items you receive.

Scav Case Option Base Return Time Loot Table Best Option For
Bottle of Fierce Hatchling Moonshine 4hr 40mins 4-6 Items:

  • Weapons
  • Armours
  • Valuable barter items
  • Streamer items
  • Rare quest items
Overall best option if you can afford the Moonshine costs due to rare loot opportunities (including streamer items for Kappa Container).
Intelligence Folder 5hr 20mins 4-7 Items:

  • Keys
  • Intelligence items
  • Uncommon technical barter items
Best option for Tarkov keys or if you have Intelligence Folders that cannot be sold on the Flea Market (not found in raid status)
95,000 Roubles 2hr 15mins 2-5 Items:

  • Keys
  • Weapon attachments
  • Barter items
  • Ammunition
  • Containers
Best Rouble option if you cannot afford Moonshine or Intelligence Folder options
15,000 Roubles 2hr 8min 20secs 2-4 Items:

  • Barter items
  • Weapon attachments
Use if the 95,000 Rouble option is too expensive
2,500 Roubles 41min 40secs 1-2 Items:

  • Food items
  • Ammunition
Use if the 15,000 Rouble option is too expensive

Best Scav Case Option

My recommended waterfall of best options is Moonshine > Intelligence Folder > 95,000 Roubles > 15,000 Roubles > 2,500 Roubles although this is dependent on your goals and overall Tarkov stash wealth.

While the Moonshine option is expensive players will potentially receive a number of rare items for adequate return and this is particularly important if players are trying to obtain the Kappa Container as you will occasionally receive a streamer item. With the Intelligence Folder loot table weighted towards keys this can also be useful initially as you build your stockpile of useful keys or if you have Intelligence Folders you cannot sell on the Flea Market although outside of those situations and as popular keys drop in value with the progression of the wipe I recommend running the most expensive Rouble option you are comfortable with if you cannot afford the Moonshine.

If you can only afford to run the Moonshine or Intelligence Folders some of the time players should prioritise using these over night due to the longer return times of these options.


Moonshine Scav Case Overview

Generally considered to be the most useful of your Scav options albeit with the highest cost that steadily climbs as the Tarkov wipe progresses. Players can either purchase their Moonshine directly from the Flea Market, find it in raid or create their own with the Booze Generator hideout module. Despite the cost the potential loot table of the Bottle of Fierce Hatchling Moonshine is attractive enough that the cost is offset with the likes of popular weapons, armours, valuable barter items, military items, medical items, streamer items and a number of hard to find quest or crafting items to help you progress quests or make significant profit from the Flea Market.



Intelligence Folder Scav Case Overview

Moonshine or Intelligence is a common debate in the Tarkov community when it comes to the Scav Case and I recommend that you consider your specific goals when deciding on the best option for you. The Intelligence Folder loot table is focused on keys which can sometimes be worth millions of Roubles for a popular or quest required key although is significantly influenced by the time of wipe. For example as demand for early quest keys drop their Flea Market supply increases which results in reduced prices although some of the best loot keys will actually increase in value over the course of a wipe. In addition to the keys players will also acquire a number of other intelligence themed items (like diaries and secure flash drives) alongside uncommon technical barter items that also have some value.

Accordingly I find the best time to utilise this option is during the early to mid stages of the wipe or if you acquire Intelligence Folders that you cannot sell on the Flea Market as they do not have a found in raid status. This is a common occurrence for players who like to regularly run a map like Reserve with a Documents Case given the high number of Intelligence Folder spawns on that map and the ability to place them in a Secure Container.



95k Roubles Scav Case Overview

The 95k Rouble option (85k and 70k in past wipes) is a profitable option for players based on the community data and I’ve even personally had a Red Rebel Ice Pick from this option (screenshot below). I have regularly used this is a money making Scav Case option before I can regularly afford the higher costs of the Moonshine option. The loot table of this highest cost Roubles option includes keys, weapon attachments, containers, barter items and ammunitions. As a result the Roubles option provide an abundance of Flea Market sellable items or will save you money by giving you access to attachments and ammunition you may have had to buy otherwise.



15k Roubles Scav Case Overview

Offering approximately the same return time as the most expensive Rouble option at around 2 hours this 15k Rouble option (16k and 7k in past wipes). There is limited community testing of this option available but in my experience you will generally turn a small consistent profit through the barter items or weapon attachments although it lacks the chances for any high value items.

As a result I recommend players always use the more expensive Rouble option if they can afford it and given the significant costs to construct the Scav Case in the first place it’s rare that the 95k option will be outside your budget but it is always a backup.


2.5k Roubles Scav Case Overview

The 2.5k option (1k in past wipes) is similarly unpopular given the return of the Scav Case Rouble options is proportionate to your initial investment. While you will turn a small profit and this has low return time there is little reason to run it over the other Rouble options which means its essentially ignored by the community. My limited experience of the low price option includes weapon magazines, ammo and food items that provide a small return for the initial investment.



Community Scav Case Data Resources

There are countless people in the Tarkov community that have gathered significant amounts of data of the Scav Case to determine the respective loot tables and profitability. I have included a selection of these below that have helped support my own experiences throughout this page so that data focused EFT players can see the results for themselves. While some of these data points may be from past wipes the Scav Case loot table has remained relatively stable although the Rouble price options have changed slightly over time.


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