Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II

  • Story options and character interactions as you develop your party and take them across the galaxy
  • Tactical real time combat with the ability to pause to gather your thoughts and develop a plan of attack
  • Few too many bugs that ensures you are unlikely to have a single playthrough that doesn't encounter a serious one

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II continues where the original left off with a deep role playing adventure set within the Star Wars universe. Like the first Knights of the Old Republic experience the game seeks to once again provide a high level of world and character depth allowing players to set their own story within the structure of Star Wars lore. Originally released in 2004 on the Xbox platform the game was later brought to Windows that year and in time would be released on modern platforms including the Nintendo Switch in 2022.


Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II returns players into the thick of Star Wars conflict with 5 years having past since the first game while also being set around 4,000 before Star Wars Episode I (Phantom Menace). While only a short period of time the galaxy has continued its general decline in Jedi numbers with a near extermination completed by the Sith. Your role in this endless conflict is one of an exiled Jedi Knight who no longer has a strong connection to the Force although may be one of the last hopes for the Jedi Order.

The result is a story that takes the player through various challenges to restore their connection to the power of the Force and in turn attempt to stop the Sith. Spread across six distinct planets you’ll also have the opportunity to make decisions on your characters behalf that push them towards either the light or dark sides of the Force and either assist, be neutral or counter the Republic’s current efforts to create a galactic peace. With a mixture of returning planets, transport ships (the Ebon Hawk) and new areas it’s a mixture of familiar locations with new adventures and entirely new ones.


This blend of familiarity and new also extends to the likes of gear and alien races which results in a recognisable experience for most Star Wars fans. While non or light Star Wars fans aren’t completely closed out of the game they’ll obviously have a less intense experience in the game setting. Regardless of your understanding of the franchise its the choices you make that are one of the greatest attractions to the game and really gets you immersed in the Star Wars universe as you talk to NPCs and align yourself with companions of your choosing.

Moment to moment gameplay Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II is like the original with a third person perspective role playing title which features real time combat although this can be paused as necessary when players want to determine their party tactics. The role playing mechanics are similarly tactical with over two dozen force powers to form your character builds around, various weapon types and even the occasional side game to help flesh out the world experience.


The primary weapon of your main character will still likely be the lightsaber though with different forms suited to different enemy types and then paired with traditional laser firearms of the franchise. Alongside your main character players are joined by up to two party members that get their own game progression to serve a role within your party from damage to support while also reacting to the decisions you make by continuing or leaving your party.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II Sith Lords is a worthy successor to one of the highest rated role playing games around with he core elements from the original there with the odd tweak to enhance the gameplay.


  • Return to the Star Wars universe in RPG style with a sequel to the incredibly popular Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II.
  • Set 5 years after the original with plenty of new places to explore to see how it has changed
  • Will you align with the Jedi or fall to the dark side of the Force as a Jedi exile.
  • Plenty of choices that change the game world around you with decisions to side with the Republic or go against them.
  • Develop your ideal party of adventurers as you mix and match force abilities, lightsaber styles and laser weapons.



Review Platform: PC

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