Gaia Online

  • Lots of customisation – Social features – Games
  • Can overwhelming for new users

Gaia Online is a social MMO that started out as a forum based experience. In Gaia Online players can connect with other players, chat on the forums, play games and create their own avatar.


Gaia Online launched in 2003 and has grown from a simple community to a forum based website mixed with a number of social games. With millions of users and several million unique visitors every month Gaia Online is a huge community experience.

In Gaia Online you will create your own Gaian and customise this avatar with countless options. Gaia Online lets you choose your skin, eyes, hair, gender, clothing and even lets you choose your own fantasy inspired race. To access additional clothing pieces players must purchase them through the NPC stores with Gaia Gold or Gaia Cash.

Most of your time on Gaia Online will be spent on the forums which have plenty of categories that cover most topics. Forum posts appear as speech bubbles from your avatar which gives the forum a little extra touch of personalisation compared with any old forum. Every post you make will give you some Gaia Gold to spend on further customising your Gaian avatar.

When you aren’t posting on the forums you can play games from the large collection of casual games available through the website which will also give you amounts of Gaia Gold.


Gaia Online is also well known for its site wide events and guild functions. These site wide events are usually based on real life events such as Halloween, Valentine’s Day and Christmas. While the Gaia Online guilds are setup by users and are generally focused on particular interests and topics.

Other popular features that you can access in Gaia Online to pass the time include your own Gaia house, car and aquarium. There is definitely lots of activities to be a part of in Gaia Online and all of them have amazing customisation options.


  • Mixes social and gaming genres.
  • Lots of things to customise (avatar, house, car or aquarium).
  • Easily make friends with interest based guilds.
  • Huge community and active forum.
  • Suitable for a wide variety of age groups.



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Samuel Franklin
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  1. Stay as far away from gaia as possible. The new CEO and COO are running the website into the ground. Gaiaonline is constantly releasing Gold Generators that are ruining the economy. Items are now costing in the billions. Simple bugs and flowers found in the towns game are costing millions of gold. There is simply too much gold in the economy to handle, and more keeps flowing in from the Gold Generators.

    Add to that, Gaia Online is constantly having Cash Sales, and sales on cash items, and sales on gold generators (that are not really sales cause the sale price is the same as the regular price on older generators). Users are constantly being bombarded with announcements for the latest sale, and the site is full of advertisements for Gaia Cash.

    Add to that, Gaia Online is not listening to its users. They are not releasing promised features, they are reneging on item details (such as re-releasing limited quantity items months ahead of time), they are not fixing issues (such as fishing’s captcha, which is almost unreadable and yet they are still using the same captcha system months after users pointed out how much more difficult it was).

    Add to that, the quality of items Gaia Online has been releasing has drastically decreased. They are mostly releasing re-colors of the same items. The re-colors typically look terrible and have must less variation of color to them than the original.

    All in all, Gaia Online is a horrible, terrible website. You should never go on Gaia Online. Stay as far away as possible.

  2. CONS:
    -No worthwhile games to play (at least atm) since they closed down zOMG!, the site’s 10 year-old MMORPG
    -Plans to discontinue the ongoing comic and story of the site’s many NPCs
    -Users being spammed by ads of the site’s purchaseable currency and items
    -Ridiculous prices for items purchaseable with real money (the most expensive item right now being roughly 20,000 usd)
    -The site’s economy being hyperinflated because game currency is being sold for real money (the current ‘gold generator’, as we call them, releases up to 2 trillion game currency, or ‘gold’)
    -Items being sold/traded for hundreds of millions to tens of billions of gold (100,000,000 gold ~ 10,000,000,000 gold)
    -Most site features that help users earn gold were from the old economic state and still give at most a hundred gold (100 gold); this is slowly being changed though
    -Management not listening to the users and neglecting features of the site that won’t raise revenue
    -New management as of late 2013 who came up with all of the above ideas
    -Everyone complaining about the new management
    -Not much to do but dress an avi up and talk to people on the forums.

    -There’s a niche for almost anyone; there are trolls, but most users are nice and are passionate about the site (at least what the site used to be)
    -Cute avis and nice items
    -Interesting NPCs and storyline
    -The prices may be daunting at first, but it’s easy to earn some millions by your first week
    -The site’s 11 years old. Heritage, if you’re into that

    Check it out or stay away, it’s your choice.

  3. The previous reviews were right – Gaia Online was a mess in 2014. Fortunately, it has gotten much better since. With the tons of gold inflation gone, the currency reworked and not using any more gold generators, the economy is seriously better. With Platinum, I’m able to buy items I never thought I could back then. The site is no longer run by the terrible CEO, now being overseen by the original founders. Items are much more creative and beautiful, with wonderful artists making them. You’re able to get a lot of money just by being active, along with daily gifts. The only downside I would say is how there are much fewer users than there used to be in 2014, and it shows – but either way, I still find it great.


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