16 Games Like DayZ

Games Like DayZ
Our collection of games like DayZ offers other zombie survival games that will leave you scared and struggling to survive.

DayZ started its life as a modification for ARMA 2 and focuses on providing a realistic survival experience where players have to worry about both the infected (zombies) and other players. Eventually the games popularity led to a standalone game edition.

The game takes place in a huge game world which includes a variety of landscapes that each present their own challenges for the player. A key component of the gameplay is your battle against both zombies and other players with permanent death requiring players to start again if they are killed. In this unique game other players are just as deadly as the zombies with opportunistic players always looking to take you out for your supplies.

DayZ places its emphasis on realism with players having to scavenge anything and everything they can find in the game world. This realism extends to combat with players often better off avoiding large scale zombie conflicts rather than looking for a fight.

The games like DayZ here offer other zombie MMO experiences with a few single player games thrown in. While some offer a heavy focus on survival like DayZ others games on this take a less realistic approach to a zombie outbreak.

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Games Like DayZ


Dead Frontier

Dead Frontier is one of the few zombie based games that you can access in your browser and for free. The game has been around since 2008 and lets players explore a post-apocalyptic environment while struggling to survive. The uniqueness of the game has attracted a large audience and boasts mill... Read More »

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Rust is a survival game that comes from the same brains that brought you Garry’s Mod. Drawing inspiration from a wide range of games and genres you’ll find plenty of depth to explore while struggling to survive. The game is best described as a mixture of Minecraft and DayZ. In Rust players will... Read More »

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Infestation: Survivor Stories

Infestation: Survivor Stories (originally War Z) lets players experience what it would be like if the world was hit with a zombie apocalypse. The game allows players to either cooperate or fight against other players in a harsh zombie filled world. Players can get a taste of Infestation: Surviv... Read More »

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Sir, You Are Being Hunted

Sir, You Are Being Hunted is one of the more unique games to be released in recent years offering a free roaming sandbox adventure focused on stealth gameplay. As the name might suggest players spend their time in the game being hunted in a procedurally generated game world. In the game you won... Read More »

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State of Decay

State of Decay combines the open world genre with a zombie outbreak to create one of the largest and most impressive games in the genre to date. The game started out as a title on the Xbox Marketplace and eventually made its way to Windows. The game plays out in an open world environment with p... Read More »

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ZombiU brings the zombie genre onto Nintendo’s platform with an amazing and horrifying experience that shows off some unique mechanics and potential of the Wii U. ZombiU takes place in London with a focus on the underground which creates an amazingly dark atmosphere as you adventure through the... Read More »

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Dead Island: Riptide

Dead Island: Riptide is the second game in the Dead Island series and continues on from your previous adventure but takes place on a whole new island. The game launched in 2013 and delivers a very similar experience to the first game. The events in Dead Island: Riptide occur right after those o... Read More »

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Stranded 2

Stranded 2 is a free to play 3D game that challenges you to survive by yourself on an island. Building on the original game by offering improved graphics, larger islands, additional items and better randomisation you’ll get plenty of more hours of Stranded gameplay. Allowing players to play eit... Read More »

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Dead Rising 3

If you want more over the top zombie killing you’ve probably been waiting for the release of Dead Rising 3 which takes the game series to all new levels of awesomeness. The game was released in mid-2013 as launch title for the Xbox One platform. If you’ve been following the series closely you’l... Read More »

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Left 4 Dead 2

Left 4 Dead 2 continues the co-operative zombie adventure with all new characters, locations, enemies and weapons to change up the popular gameplay introduced in the original Left 4 Dead. The popular AI director also makes a return with plenty of tweaks to ensure players are always challenged. ... Read More »

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Killing Floor

Killing Floor is a co-operative game that puts a team of players against zombie like enemies in a series of waves. While the game is best enjoyed with close friends players can also tackle the game solo or join a server with other players in the community. The game is available on both PC and M... Read More »

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Dead Island

In Dead Island you’ll have to explore an open world environment and try to prevent being eaten by using whatever weapons you can find around the place. Dead Island is a great role playing experience for fans of survival horror and is available on Windows, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3. Dead Islan... Read More »

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Dead Rising 2

Dead Rising is back with more zombie killing goodness, in Dead Rising 2 players can expect a similar open world horror experience to the original with endless hordes of zombies just waiting to be dealt with. Dead Rising 2 takes place half a decade after the first Dead Rising and introduces a ne... Read More »

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Left 4 Dead

Left 4 Dead (L4D) is a zombie survival experience that focuses on co-operative gameplay. The game promises that each time you play with your friends you’ll be greeted with a unique experience thanks to the AI director. L4D takes place across a number of maps that follow the struggles of 4 survi... Read More »

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Dead Rising

Dead Rising combines horror and open world environments to create a fun and unique survival experience for players. The game was released in 2006 and is only available on the Xbox 360 platform. In Dead Rising players take on the role of Frank West in a shopping mall that is simply packed full o... Read More »

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Nether changes up the survival genre that has recently become popular with games like Rust and DayZ gaining a large number of followers. Combining PvE and PvP gameplay together as you explore, craft, trade and kill you’ll be hooked on Nether whether you choose to adventure alone or with other p... Read More »

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